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Nintendo 3DS First Impressions

I’m always happy to admit when I’m wrong.  In the past I have been pretty critical of the Nintendo 3DS handheld Console.  Claiming the 3D is a gimmick, the games are terrible, the graphics are a minimal upgrade, the battery life bites, and the game selection is minut.  While a few of those are still true, I’m amazed about how wrong I was in others.

Well, for future reference, Cabbit has received a wonderful gift for Christmas.  A 3DS!  So you’ll see reviews for this great console here!  While I got no games with it, I commend my parents for their attempt at understanding my gaming love and getting me something I could really use (besides gift cards, cloths, and cologne).  After waiting for a day to get to a store and get a screen protector, case, and a game; I finally got to experience it.

I’m floored.  After witnessing the first few minutes of Zelda:OoT 3D, I’m blown away.  The graphics are great for a handheld, the 3D works well, the controls are smooth, sound is pleasant, and overall it feels well made.

Now, I still do believe the 3D is a gimmick, as it kills the battery which is still not excellent.  The Menu/Start/Select buttons are made with that sticker-over materials used on old controllers that will probably crack and break quick.  Finally, I’m bummed the touch screen didn’t see any investment.

These are minor in the scope of how amazing this console turned out.  While it’s perfect in the range the price is now (I still wouldn’t drop 250 on this), I’d recommend this console to anyone who sees a few solid titles on here.

Again, there lies the still looming ill omen to the 3DS.  When will it see any good titles.  For me, Zelda:OoT is amazing (see my review soon), Mario Land 3DS should be good, and Resident Evil: Revelations looks like a step forward (for once).  I’m still looking forward to the coming titles (hopefully) like Tales of Abyss 3D, Bravely Default, Beyond the Labyrinth, Kid Icarus, and Luigi Mansion.  And hey, there’s always hope for MegaMan Legends 3 to respark (haha).

Look forward to new reviews soon!  Christmas left me with some great titles to review.  As well as Wolf getting a new Xbox360!!

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